June 12, 2017   

The City Council of La Porte City, Iowa met in regular session on June 12, 2017.  Mayor David Neil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Council Members Eric Allsup, Jasmine Gaston, Kristi Harrill, Mike Johnson and Brent Sadler present.     Unless otherwise noted, all actions passed by affirmative and unanimous vote of the council members present.     Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to approve the agenda.   Julie Grote with La Porte City Fire Rescue Service addressed the Council regarding fundraisers that the Fire Department is holding to raise money for a second Lucas device for the department.  The first device was acquired with a grant through Black Hawk County. Grote requested Council permission to hold a mud volleyball tournament on July 22nd. Mayor Neil requested more information on liability for the next meeting.   Fire Chief Jeff McFarland notified the Council that TJ Davison has stepped down as ambulance captain. McFarland named Asst. Ambulance Captain Julie Grote as acting captain until elections are held in 60 days.   Moved by Sadler seconded by Harrill to approve the CONSENT AGENDA including the following: Minutes of May 22, 2017, disbursements totaling $527,006.54, Clerk’s Report, Police Report and Administrative Report for May 2015, Beer License for La Porte City Lions Club (Festival of Trails Celebration), Parade Permit and Fireworks Permits for Festival of Trails Celebration.   Moved by Sadler, seconded by Gaston to approve CHANGE ORDERS 27, 28 and 29, DOWNTOWN FAÇADE REHABILITATION PROJECT: #27 Repair gap between 200 and 208 Main $   214.82 #28 Cover SE End Wall at 216 Main $1,483.50 #29 Paint Upper Window Trim at 300 Main $   834.00 Total Change Orders $2,532.32   Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to adopt RESOLUTION 17-30 APPROVING TRANSFER FROM GENERAL FUND TO DOWNTOWN FAÇADE IMPROVEMENT FUND. The resolution approves the transfer of $25,000 to fulfill the City’s commitment of $150,000 to the Façade Improvement Program.   Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to RESOLUTION 17-31 APPROVING UTILITIES BUDGET AMENDMENT FOR FY17. The amendment reflects an additional $2,053,093 in revenues and $1,437,751 in expenditures budgeted for FY17. Roll call vote passed 4-0 with Johnson abstaining due to conflict of interest.   Moved by Harrill, seconded by Allsup to APPROVE THE APPOINTMENT OF KODY KIBE TO LA PORTE CITY FIRE RESCUE SERVICE.   The Council reviewed WOLF CREEK REHABILITATION MASTER PLAN to decide if they want to move forward with more improvements. Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) grant applications are due August 15 for 2018 funding with maximum award of $75,000. The City Clerk will get updated cost estimates on the proposed improvements so the Council can make a decision on what should be included in the grant application.   The Council reviewed photos of the property located at 705 Commercial owned by Robert Delk. The City has issued numerous nuisance abatement notices in the past year regarding the condition of the front yard. Moved by Harrill, seconded by Sadler to issue final notice to the property owner and if he does not abate the weed nuisance, the City will abate on or after June 22, 2017.   Moved by Sadler, seconded by Johnson to adjourn at 7:56PM.  

Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk  

David Neil, Mayor

City of La Porte City

Claims for 6/12/2017

General Fund Acco, Chemtrol Orp Probe 2,468.55 Advanced Systems, Cont 181.72 Advanced Systems, Cont 21.84 Allen Occ Health, Testing 775.00 Bader B, Rec Director 375.00 Barz S, 5/6 SB Coach 200.00 Bistline, B 3/4 BB Coach 200.00 Black Hawk Waste, Contract 14,740.88 Black Hills, Natural Gas 384.69 Boot R, Firearms Training   67.16 Builders Select, Field Marker Dust 15.98 City Laundering, Cleaning 322.71 CSC, Child Support 243.25 Craft L, Grant Writing 240.00 Devries K, 5/6 BB Coach 200.00 Deitrick H, 5/6 Asst SB Coach 200.00 Dutton Braun et al, Legal 315.00 EBS, Health Ins Admin 130.70 EFTPS, PR Taxes 9,072.37 Ferguson, Parts For Pool 410.94 Gall’s Inc, Collar Pin 12.54 GIS Benefits, Met Life May 2017 451.00 IAMU, Hiss June-Aug Billing 268.84 IPERS, Pension 6,527.77 Kiefer, Lifeguard Apparel & Misc 200.35 LPC Printing, Pubs 661.82 LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 10.42 Matt Parrott, Receipts 328.22 Menards, Supplies 52.31 Monkeytown, Ink 221.78 Motorhead Mayhem, Taurus 2,003.23 Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 68.75 P&K Midwest, Arm & Wheel Kit 78.72 Palmer B, Reimburse Rec Conc 62.24 Pennell P, LL Refund 25.00 Pospisil J, 3/4 Asst SB Coach 100.00 Pospisil S, 3/4 SB Coach 200.00 Quad County, Training 50.00 RACOM Corp, EDACS Access 26.12 Shield, Annual Software 1,350.00 Spence, Chemicals 327.83 St Clair, Pool Boiler Repair 492.26 Stevens M, Computer Suport 60.00 Teamsters, Union Dues 125.90 Thriftway, Supplies 10.87 IA Treasurer, State Taxes 1,240.89 Urb’s, Supplies 146.41 Van Meter,  Bulbs 2,654.61 Varsity Cleaners, Cleaning 127.60 Wex Bank, Fuel 1,174.83 Whittlesey J, Reimb Mileage 17.87 Total General 49,643.97 Road Use Tax Fund American Legion, Flags 303.00 Aspro Inc, Upm Cold Mix 753.30 Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 47.62 CSC, Child Support 144.87 Coots Materials, Materials 169.24 EFTPS, PR Taxes 3,141.83 IPERS, Pension 1,561.06 LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 109.29 Menards, Supplies 95.18 Teamsters, Union Dues 75.12 Iowa Treasurer, State Taxes 455.41 Urb’s, Supplies 52.71 Van Meter, Bulbs 49.32 Wex Bank, Fuel 58.73 Total Road Use Tax   7,016.68 Economic Development Fund Rockets Bakery, FOT Cookies 63.00 Urb’s, Supplies 28.81 Total Economic Development 91.81 Debt Service Fund Bankers Trust, Bond Pmts 423,112.50 Total Debt Service 423,112.50 DTR CDBG Grant Fund Martin Gardner, Const Admin 1,980.00 Total DTR CDBG Grant 1,980.00 Sewer Fund City Laundering, Cleaning 205.81 CSC, Child Support 25.78 Coots Materials, Materials 324.37 EBS, Health Ins Admin 26.14 EFTPS, PR Taxes 1,072.56 Fastenal, Parts 57.05 GIS Benefits, Met Life May 2017 49.22 IAMU, Hiss June-Aug Billing 268.83 IPERS, Pension 601.84 LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 6.25 Pollution Control, 50’ No Float 864.00 Teamsters, Union Dues 20.98 Iowa Treasurer, State Taxes 191.70 Urb’s , Supplies 27.99 Whittlesey J, Reimb Postage 47.04 Total Sewer 3,789.56 Ambulance Fund Bagenstos J, Door Opener 456.00 Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 37.44 Bound Tree Medical, Supplies 7.76 Covenant, Supplies 103.62 EFTPS, PR Taxes 201.80 Grote J, EMSI Reciprocity License 50.00 IPERS, Pension 142.46 Monkeytown, Ink 96.89 Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 18.27 RACOM Corp, EDACS Access 26.12 Iowa Treasurer, State Taxes 36.00 Van Meter,  Bulbs 660.00 Varsity Cleaners, Cleaning 12.00 Wex Bank, Fuel 467.32 Total Ambulance 2,315.68  Total Accounts Payable 487,950.20 Total Payroll Checks 39,056.34 Report Total 527,006.54 Fund RecapGeneral 77,507.46 Road Use Tax 14,539.64 Economic Development 91.81 Debt Service 423,112.50 DTR CDBG Grant 1,980.00 Sewer 6,763.17 Ambulance 3,011.96 Grand Total 527,006.54                 

May 2017 Receipts

General 102,888.85 Road Use Tax 17,967.46 Equipment Replacement 1,742.00 Employee Benefits 8,125.06 Special Revenue TIF 6,359.99 Economic Development 3,841.72 Debt Service 187,563.95 Captial Projects 34,000.00 Permanent Funds 2,353.15 Sewer 29,922.64 Ambulance 15,448.21 May 2017 Receipts 410,213.03