The City Council of La Porte City, Iowa met in regular session on February 27, 2017. Mayor David Neil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Council Members Eric Allsup, Jasmine Gaston, Kristi Harrill, Mike Johnson and Brent Sadler present.
Unless otherwise noted, all actions passed by affirmative and unanimous vote of the council members present.
Moved by Allsup, seconded by Harrill to approve the agenda.
Citizen Comments – Carolyn Schmitz stated that she did not see the need for a dog park and asked if a waste receptacle would be provided. She also questioned the City’s liability, as well as extra work for Public Works in maintaining the property and keeping their equipment clean. She indicated that the money should be spent on streets before it is spent a dog park or sports plex.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Sadler to approve the CONSENT AGENDA including the following: Minutes of February 13, 2017, disbursements totaling $69,471.25, 2017 Annual Building Report and Resignation of Parks & Recreation Commission Member Jasmine Gaston.
Moved by Allsup, seconded by Johnson to adopt the SECOND READING OF ORDINANCE 518, DELETING CH 154 OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCES – EXISTING BUILDING CODE. Moved by Johnson seconded by Allsup to waive the requirement for three readings and move to approval. Roll call vote passed 5-0 and Mayor Neil declared Ordinance 518 adopted and effective upon publication.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Harrill to adopt the SECOND READING OF ORDINANCE 519 AMENDING CH 155 – BUILDING CODE. The ordinance adopts the 2015 International Building Code as the Building Code of La Porte City. Moved by Johnson seconded by Allsup to waive the requirement for three readings and move to approval. Roll call vote passed 5-0 and Mayor Neil declared Ordinance 519 adopted and effective upon publication.
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to award the BID FOR GARBAGE CONTRACT TO BLACK HAWK WASTE. The three-year contract will begin in May, 2017 and includes a 1.5% increase in residential garbage and recycling charges and reductions in the cost of most commercial dumpsters. Roll call vote passed 4-1 with Allsup opposed.
Chad Van Dyke voiced his opposition to the dog park. He questioned who would police the facility and how many dogs are in the community. JoLisa Stoneman indicated that she would rather see money go toward improving the City’s ball diamonds and the park near the aquatic center. Council member Sadler spoke to some of the issues and questions that had come up. He agreed that there would be some additional maintenance time, but he also pointed out that when the City contracted the garbage two years ago, and did not lay off and public works employees, the department gained nearly 60 hours per week in additional time. He stated that the liability for any issues would fall to the property owner, not the City. Council member Harrill indicated that she had researched dog parks in the area and only larger communities typically have them. In addition, she reported issues with waste containment, worn grass areas, gates large enough to accommodate mowers and ADA compliant entrances. She also requested more research from the Parks & Recreation Commission before projects are presented to the Council for approval.
The COUNCIL reviewed an OFFER TO SELL PROPERTY. The City has received an inquiry from the Dale Schrieber Estate regarding five lots located on 8th Street in La Porte City.
Moved by Allsup, seconded by Sadler to table a decision on a new SERVER FOR POLICE DEPARTMENT until more cost information is available.
Moved by Allsup, seconded by Sadler to SET TIME AND DATE FOR PUBLIC HEARING ON DOWNTOWN FAÇADE PROJECT. The public hearing will take place on March 13, 2017.
Moved by Harrill, seconded by Sadler to APPROVE CHANGE ORDERS 20 – 24 for the DOWNTOWN FAÇADE IMPROVEMENT PROGAM. The change orders are for the following:
20 – 212 Main Street – additional electrical work ($359.95)
21 – 216 Main Street – transom widow restoration ($2,417.30)
22 – 212 Main Street – repair wood door frame ($250.13)
23 – 208 Main Street – replace interior drywall ($242.65)
24 – 212 Main Street – reconstruct and replace cornice ($5,056.55)
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Allsup to adjourn at 8:08 PM.
Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk David Neil, Mayor
City of La Porte City
Claims for 2/27/2017
General Fund Adv Syst, Contract 93.62
BHC Extension, Training 70.00
BH Waste, Add’l Garbage 20.00
Book Farm, Books 361.46
CECHFP, Fuel 75.00
Center Point Large Print, Books 89.88
Davison K, Mileage 21.51
C Tech, Norton, Clean & Labor 70.00
Ecolab, Pest Control 58.78
EFTPS, PR Taxes 3,908.48
Farmers State Bank, VISA 2,103.73
Gaylord Bros, Tissue 149.37
ICC, Membership Dues 135.00
IPERS, Pension 7,350.71
Kronschnabel J, Books 26.12
LPC Telephone, Comm 694.86
LPC Utilities, Electric 3,415.88
LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 56.28
Menards, Pw Bldg Supplies 31.44
Motorhead Mayhem Repairs 1,007.62
Bergankdv, Webroot 3Yrs 578.27
Sandry Fire Supply, Id Tail 1,022.51
Sheffler G, Lumber 201.68
Teamsters, Union Dues 65.00
IA Treas, State Taxes 1,475.61
US Cellular, Cell Service 149.14
Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 10,330.19
Total General 33,562.14
Road Use Tax Fund CECHFP, Fuel 1,199.98
EFTPS, PR Taxes 1,275.40
Iowa Diesel Svc, Solenoid 150.37
IPERS, Pension 1,275.12
Mid Iowa Solid Waste, Parts 688.77
Teamsters, Union Dues 39.97
IA Treas, State Taxes 389.21
Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 2.99
Total Road Use Tax 5,021.81
DTR CDBG Grant Fund Martin Gardner, Const Admin 843.14
Total DTR CDBG Grant 843.14
Sewer Fund CECHFP, Fuel 225.00
EFTPS, PR Taxes 419.41
IPERS, Pension 535.53
LPC Telephone, Comm 91.97
LPC Utilities, Electric 4,065.08
Menards, Pw Bldg Supplies 55.96
Teamsters, Union Dues 1.53
Test America Inc, Testing 679.35
IA Treas, State Taxes 158.18
US Cellular, Cell Service 37.41
Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 2,286.64
Total Sewer 8,556.06
Ambulance Fund Bound Tree Medical, Supplies 532.86
Covenant Clinic, Immunization 146.00
Covenant, Supplies 255.93
EFTPS, PR Taxes 100.90
Farmers State Bank, VISA 219.92
IPERS, Pension 142.46
LPC Telephone, Comm 121.98
LPC Utilities, Electric 176.51
Superior Welding, Oxygen 85.74
IA Treas, State Taxes 36.00
Us Cellular, Cell Service 38.92
Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 1,837.50
Total Ambulance 3,694.72

Total Accounts Payable 51,677.87
Total Payroll Checks 17,793.38
Report Total 69,471.25

General 46,354.71
Road Use Tax 8,452.17
DTR CDBG Grant 843.14
Sewer 9,778.37
Ambulance 4,042.86
Grand Total 69,471.25