The City Council of La Porte City, Iowa met in regular session on November 10, 2014. Mayor David Neil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Council Members Eric Allsup, Sarah Craft, Mike Johnson and Brent Sadler present.
As part of the consent agenda, the Council approved renewal of Class C Beer Permit for Casey’s General Store.
Dana Elliott of Ridihalgh, Fuelling, Snitker, Weber & Co. presented the report for the City’s Fiscal Year 2014 Audit. Elliot reviewed the City’s financial statements as well as findings and areas for improvement. Concerns included issues with fire billings, bank reconciliation preparation for the Fire Association, preparation of minutes and abstention by Council members for payments that may represent a conflict of interest. The City will work to eliminate these issues where ever possible.
The Council reviewed and approved the Operation Threshold report for the 3rd Quarter of 2014. The City has entered into an agreement with Operation Threshold that allows the agency to utilize the City’s Low to Moderate Income Fund for projects and direct assistance to qualifying residents in the City. The report included one housing rehabilitation project totaling $8,650.00, direct assistance to help pay utility bills totaling $3,687.21 and administrative costs of $1,850.58 for a total of $14,187.79.
The Council approved an amendment to the City’s fee schedule to update fire billing fees. The updated fees include:
Fire Engine per unit per hour – $125.00
Special Vehicles per unit per hour – $75.00
Personnel per hour – $16.00
SCBA per unit – $25.00
Air Bottle refill per unit – $10.00
Generator and Accessories per hour – $25.00
Boat per hour – $100.00
Gator per hour – $100.00
Jaws, Saws, Fans, Air Bags etc, per hour – $50.00

The Council approved the transfer of $2,788.14 from the Museum Trust to the General Fund for Trust fund related expenditures that were paid out of the General Fund.
The Council amended the salary of the Community Center and Library custodian, increasing the salary per cleaning to $37.50 and $45.00 respectively.
The Council confirmed John Keefe’s status as a ¾ time employee. Keefe is regularly scheduled to work 30 hours per week, which, in accordance with the City’s employee manual would classify him as a ¾ time employee, with paid time off awarded as such. However, Keefe has been incorrectly awarded paid time off at the same rate as a full-time employees. Beginning December 1, 2014, all paid time off including vacation, casual, sick time and holidays will be awarded and paid based on the ¾ time employment status.
The Council approved a resolution that amends the employee handbook to include specific language related to paid time off. The Resolution clarifies the amount of paid time off awarded to full and ¾ time employees for holidays, sick days and casual days.
The next City Council meeting will take place on Monday, November 24, 2014. At that time, the City Council will hold a public hearing to approve the City’s second application for a Downtown Revitalization Façade Improvement Grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority.