RAGBRAI© will be pedaling through La Porte City on Thursday, July 23, 2015. As many as 15,000 riders and other guests can be expected to spend time in La Porte City. Hosting a successful RAGBRAI© experience will take the entire La Porte City community working together, including the vendors who hope to profit from the experience.
A proposed vendor fee schedule was presented to the City Council for discussion approval on Monday night, after this edition of The Progress Review went to press. Vendor fees are necessary to offset the expenses incurred by the City to host the event. Some of the fees are mandated by governmental agencies such as the Black Hawk County Health Department and Iowa Department of Revenue.

For individuals, businesses, service organizations and other local groups considering the benefits of operating a vendor booth during RAGBRAI’s visit to La Porte City, the following information is what is known at this time:
Vendor Permits – All individuals, organizations or businesses operating a booth within the City of La Porte City are required to register with the City and pay the appropriate booth fee.

Proof of Liability Insurance – Proof of insurance will be required of all vendors. A minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate is required of all vendors. Temporary liability coverage is available through the RAGBRAI Vendor insurance program at a cost of $105

Health Department Registration & Temporary Food Permit – Food or beverage vendors operating on City property, including the street, may be required to obtain a temporary food service permit, at a cost of $33.50. Permit applications must be submitted to the Black Hawk County Health Department no later than July 8, 2015 to be considered timely. Failure to apply in advance may result in a double fee or denial of a permit.
Temporary Sales Tax Permit –Vendors who do not have a permanent sales tax permit or are not registered as a 501(c)(3) group who uses 100% of their proceeds for charitable, religious or educational purposes will be required to obtain a temporary sales tax permit.