April 8, 2019
The City Council of La Porte City, Iowa met in regular session on April 8, 2019. Mayor Dave Neil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Council Members Jasmine Gaston, Brett Hakeman. Kristi Harrill, Brent Sadler and Tim Smith present.
Unless otherwise noted, all actions passed by affirmative and unanimous vote of the council members present.
Moved by Gaston, seconded by Harrill to approve the agenda.
Moved by Smith, seconded by Gaston to approve the consent agenda including Minutes of March 25, 2019, disbursements totaling $92,084.37, Clerk’s Report and Police Report for March 2019 and Administrative Report.
Jan Erdahl reported on behalf of the HISTORIC PRESERVATION. The Historic Preservation Commission is continuing work on the storyboards for the Fire Station Museum. Erdahl also requested permission for two members of the Historic Preservation Commission to attend the Iowa Preservation Summit – June 6 – 8, 2019. Cost is $55 per person. The Historic Preservation Commission has also asked to be a presenter at the Summit for their storyboard project. As a result, Erdahl also requested permission for a hotel room for the night.
Emily Nelson provided the MUSEUM QUARTERLY REPORT. Nelson updated the Council on the Museum Board’s strategic plan. They have developed a framework for the process and have received input from Silos and Smokestacks. The next step in the planning process is a community survey to get input on how the Museum can better serve the community as well as define their role in the community. The Museum will host a dinner on May 1st to start to promote the survey. Nelson also discussed the need for insulation in the ceiling of the main museum to help curb energy costs and create a more stable environment for the collections. Cost for the insulation is $9,200 and the Museum board has begun to apply for grants and plan fund raisers to pay for the project. Nelson also informed the Council that the brick at the top of the Fire Station museum (jail section)is beginning to crumble. The museum board is working with the State Historic Preservation office on potential grants to investigate the issues with the building as well as grants for the repair work.
Mayor Neil left Council chambers.
Mayor Pro Tem Brent Sadler announced that the time and place had arrived for a PUBLIC HEARING ON THE SALE OF CITY PROPERTY. Moved by Smith, seconded by Gaston to OPEN THE PUBLIC HEARING. Moved by Harrill, seconded by Smith to RECEIVE AND PLACE ON FILE PROOF OF PUBLICATION. The purpose of the public hearing was to consider the offers to purchase the property located at 205 W Main Street. One offer was received from David and Violet Neil for $217.00. Sadler asked if any written comments had been received, there were none. Moved by Gaston, seconded by Harrill to CLOSE THE PUBLIC HEARING.
Moved by Smith, seconded by Gaston to adopt RESOLUTION 19-17 APPROVING SALE OF CITY PROPERTY. The resolution approves the sale of the property located at 205 W Main Street to David and Violet Neil for $217.00. The City Attorney will prepare a Quit Claim Deed to finalize the sale.
Mayor Neil returned to Council chambers.
Moved by Harrill seconded by Sadler to approve the proposal from Fusion Forward for LOGO DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING SERVICES. The estimated cost of the service is $5,200.00.
Moved by Gaston, seconded by Harrill to adopt RESOLUTION 19-18 SETTING AQUATIC CENTER FEES FOR THE 2019 SEASON.
Moved by Smith, seconded by Harrill to adopt RESOLUTION 19-19 APPROVING HIRE AND SALARIES FOR AQUATIC CENTER STAFF FOR THE 2019 SEASON. Co managers for the season will be Madison DeWitt and Danielle Hakeman and the assistant manager will be Rylee Sash. Roll call vote passed 4-0 with Hakeman abstaining due to a conflict of interest.
Moved by Gaston, seconded by Harrill to adopt RESOLUTION 19-20 SETTING SALARY FOR MUSEUM CUSTODIAN. The resolution sets the salary for Rick Langford at $16.50/hr.
Moved by Smith seconded by Gaston to approve REQUEST FOR DONATION OF 4 AQUATIC CENTER DAY PASSES to La Porte City Specialty Care for the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt.
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Sadler, seconded by Gaston to APPROVE APPOINTMENT OF MARC MAHOOD TO THE LA PORTE CITY FIRE RESCUE SERVICE.
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to SET TIME AND DATE FOR PUBLIC HEARING ON FY19 BUDGET AMENDMENT. The public hearing will take place on May 28, 2019.
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Gaston to adjourn at 8:01PM.
Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk David Neil, Mayor
City of La Porte City
Claims for 4/8/2019
Adv Syst, Cont 166.09
Adv Syst, Cont 27.40
AFLACK, Ins 172.57
Ahlers & Cooney, Legal 2,832.36
Aspro Inc, Upm Cold Mix 1,617.64
BHC Auditor, Cons Comm 7,541.41
BHC Treasurer, Prop Taxes 2,554.00
Black Hawk Waste, Contract 15,290.56
Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 1,699.70
BMC Aggregates, Fill Sand 437.46
Bound Tree Medical, Battery 671.64
Buchanan Co Fire Assn, Dues 30.00
Camenzind Masonry, Pavers 36.00
CECHFP, Fuel 950.36
City Laundering, Cleaning 676.16
Coots Materials, Rock 2,001.31
Covenant Medical Center, Drugs 642.90
EBS, Health Ins Admin 167.88
EFTPS, PR Taxes 5,872.33
EBS, Flex 1,973.23
Fossil Industries, Storyboard 677.00
Iowa Prison Ind, ILEA Uniform 225.00
IAWD, Q1-19 Unemp 219.60
IPERS, Pension 14,826.79
LPC Ins, Ins Premiums 2,743.00
LPC Printing, Display Pubs 497.97
LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 220.46
Menards, Rotary Laser 599.00
Midwest Breathing, Testing 173.25
Motorhead Mayhem, Svc 70.59
Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 107.89
Racom Corp, Edacs Access 164.64
Schumacher Elevator, Maint 282.75
Teamsters, Union Dues 107.00
Test America Inc, Testing 869.40
IA Treas, State Taxes 3,252.00
Urb’s DIB Hdwe, Supplies 81.35
Van Meter, Return Cvr Box -154.40
Varsity Cleaners, Laundry 34.60
Wex Bank, Fuel 1,985.61
Total Accounts Payable 72,344.50
Total Payroll Checks 19,739.87
Report Total 92,084.37
General 65,608.70
Economic Development 2,690.50
Road Use Tax 11,517.74
Sweet Second Addn 2,832.36
Sewer 5,340.06
Ambulance 4,095.01
Grand Total 92,084.37
March 2019 Receipts
General 61,403.77
Equipment Replacement 78,582.21
Economic Development 752.51
Road Use Tax 20,123.56
Employee Benefits 2,660.16
Special Revenue TIF 1,734.15
Debt Service 2,700.16
Permanent Funds 25,967.44
Sewer 32,058.89
Ambulance 12,841.75
March 2019 Receipts 238,824.60