The City Council of La Porte City, Iowa met in regular session on October 23, 2017. Mayor David Neil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Council Members Eric Allsup, Jasmine Gaston, Kristi Harrill, Mike Johnson and Brent Sadler present.  Also present were Sarah Logan, Gary Murphy, Jace Glenn and Hunter Fleshner.  Unless otherwise noted, all actions passed by affirmative and unanimous vote of the council members present.    Moved by Sadler, seconded by Gaston to approve the agenda.  Moved by Allsup, seconded by Harrill to approve the CONSENT AGENDA including the following: minutes of October 9 and 16, 2017, disbursements, totaling $65,533.37 and Ambulance Report for the third quarter of 2017.   Moved by Allsup, seconded by Sadler to approve WELLMARK ENHANCED BLUE 1000 HMO GOLD HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN FOR 2017-18. The new plan will result in an increase of approximately 2% over current year premiums. Motion carried 4-0 with Harrill abstaining due to a conflict of interest.  Moved by Allsup, seconded by Harrill to adopt RESOLUTION 17-68 AMENDING EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK. The resolution requires all regular full-time and part-time employees hired after January 1, 2017 to enroll in direct payroll deposit.  Moved by Sadler seconded by Gaston to adopt RESOLUTION 17-69 AMENDING CITY CREDIT CARD POLICY. The resolution removes Jan Erdahl and Sherry Sheffler as holders of City credit cards. Erdahl retired from the Museum and Sheffler resigned from the Museum board, both effective October 31, 2017.  Moved by Johnson, seconded by Harrill to adopt RESOLUTION 17-70 APPROVING CLOSURE OF CITY REVOLVING LOAN CHECKING ACCOUNT #2. Funds from the account will be deposited into the City’s revolving loan checking account #1.  Moved by Johnson, seconded by Allsup to APPROVE CHANGES TO THE CITY’S RECORDS RETENTION POLICY. The policy sets the retention period of one year for materials provided to the City Council for meetings (Council packets) not covered by other retention schedules.  Moved by Johnson, seconded by Harrill to APPROVE THE MAYOR’S APPOINTMENT OF MICHELLE KEEGAN AND GEORGE VOPELAK JR. TO THE MUSEUM BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Keegan will fill an unexpired term until 2019 and Vopelak’s term will expire in 2022.   Moved by Allsup, seconded by Johnson to adjourn at 7:22PM.   Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk   David Neil, MayorCity of La Porte CityClaims for 10/23/2017General Fund Adv Syst, Contract 288.25 Avenet,Website Support 700.00 Biblionix, Annual Sub 1,300.00 BHC Ext, Pest Mgmt 35.00 BHC Lanfill, Garbage 158.54 Center Point Large Print, Books 70.11 Chorpening C, Library Lighting 635.00 EBS, Admin 122.74 EFTPS, PR Taxes 4,251.76 EMS Learning, CPR Cards 48.00 Farmers State Bank, VISA 2,344.92 Hora D, Replacement Ck 50.00 IIMC, Membership Fees 185.00 IPERS, Pension 1,563.04 LPC Telephone, Telephone 700.65 LPC Utilities, Utilities 2,410.87 LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 32.18 Menards, Misc Supplies 186.90 Mid Iowa Equip, G Wheels 1,402.50 Midwest Breathing , Qtrly Test 161.30 Miller Window, Cleaning 92.00 Monkeytown, Supplies 178.50 Bergankdv Tech, Server Check 200.00 P&K Midwest, Mower Blades 181.32 Quad County Fire School, Training 25.00 Schmit P, Library Cupboards 2,935.00 Teamsters, Union Dues 91.50 Thriftway, Supplies 9.13 IA Treas, Q3-17 Sales Tax 31.40 UCSD, Tennis Court Lighting 3,987.50 Urb’s DIB, Supplies 42.23 US Cellular, Cell Service 149.49 Waterloo Bldg Maint, CC Roof 112.15 Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 9,654.51 Whittlesey J, Mileage 101.72 Total General 34,438.21 Road Use Tax Fund CSC, Child Support 189.48 Coots Materials, Materials 1,524.07 EFTPS, PR Taxes 989.77 Farmers State Bank, VISA 84.49 LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 20.88 Menards, Misc Supplies 31.94 Mid Iowa Equip, Supplies 262.84 Teamsters, Union Dues 19.23 Tifco Ind, Supplies 206.90 Urb’s DIB, Supplies 108.97 Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 20.15 Total Road Use Tax 3,458.72 Equipment Replacement Fund Henkel C, Duplicate Pmt Refund 50.00 Total Equipment Replacement 50.00 Sewer Fund CSC, Child Support 17.47 Compressed Air, Hose End 15.10 EBS, Admin 27.28 EFTPS, PR Taxes 330.66 IAMU, Training 175.00 LPC Telephone, Telephone 93.55 LPC Utilities, Utilities 3,473.56 Teamsters, Union Dues 1.77 Thriftway, Supplies 1.58 US Cellular, Cell Service 37.52 Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 2,257.33 Total Sewer 6,430.82 Ambulance Fund Bound Tree Medical, Supplies 406.57 Covenant, Mutual Aid 128.00 EFTPS, PR Taxes 106.95 Grote J, Reimburse 138.85 LPC Telephone, Telephone 123.59 LPC Utilities, Utilities 150.76 Motorhead Mayhem, Svc 150.00 PMIC, ICD10 Book 134.34 Superior Welding, Oxygen 25.30 US Cellular, Cell Service 48.96 Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 1,837.50 Total Ambulance 3,250.82 Total Accounts Payable 47,628.57 Total Payroll 15,904.80 Report Total 63,533.37 Fund RecapGeneral 46,836.59 Road Use Tax 5,654.51 Equipment Replacement 50.00 Sewer 7,379.64 Ambulance 3,612.63 Grand Total 63,533.37