With the month of November off to a frigid and snowy start, the City of La Porte City reminds its residents of two ordinances related to snow and ice.

Chapter 69.11 of the City Code is dedicated to snow emergencies, which are defined as “any accumulation of snow of two (2) inches or more requiring street clearance.”
In such cases when a snow emergency has been declared, it shall continue through the duration of the snow or ice storm and the forty-eight (48) hour period after cessation of such storm. Such emergency conditions shall be determined by the Public Works Director, and may be extended or shortened when conditions warrant.
No person shall park, abandon or leave unattended any vehicle on any public street, alley, or City-owned off-street parking area, except the City Parking Lot on Main Street, during any snow emergency unless the snow has been removed or plowed from said street or alley or until the snow has ceased to fall.
Consequences for violating this ordinance could result in “the towing of vehicles blocking traffic or parking on a La Porte City street, alley, or City-owned off-street parking area during a snow emergency. The owner of the vehicle shall pay the costs of towing and storage occasioned by the removal of the vehicle.”

City Ordinance 136.03, Removal of Snow, Ice and Accumulation states: It is the responsibility of the abutting property owners to remove snow, ice and accumulations promptly from sidewalks. If a property owner does not remove snow, ice or accumulations within a reasonable time, the City may do so and assess the costs against the property owner for collection in the same manner as a property tax.

For additional information or questions about ordinances related to snow emergencies or snow removal, contact City Hall at 342-3396.