In the coming months, the City of La Porte City will put the finishing touches on a document that will update its Comprehensive Plan. A comprehensive plan for municipalities typically dictates public policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing. Comprehensive plans usually include a broad range of goals and objectives designed to support and guide a city’s growth and development over a long period of time. The last update to La Porte City’s Comprehensive Plan was completed in 1993.
Last September, a Task Force comprised of local citizens, held the first of three meetings to review and examine the existing conditions, objectives and draft recommendations of each of the plan’s main elements.
Following those meetings, members of the La Porte City Planning & Zoning Commission developed goals and objectives for the plan, including recommendations for the Future Land Use Map, over the course of four meetings held between February and April.
The result of all these meetings is an 83 page draft document that addresses a broad spectrum of issues, conditions and opportunities, including a series of goals and objectives for the City.
At its July 20, 2015 meeting, the La Porte City Planning & Zoning Commission will review the document and forward their recommendations to the City Council, who has set August 10th as the date for a public hearing on the matter. Once approved by the Council, the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update for La Porte City will help guide the City’s decision making as it relates to future growth and development.
In addition to the goals and objectives specified in the final approved plan, the lead roles, partners and timelines established will serve as reference points to gauge the City’s progress each year during an annual review of the Comprehensive Plan.

To view the complete draft document of La Porte City’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan update, click here.
2015 Update: La Porte City Goals
Agricultural and Natural Resources: Goals related to protecting and preserving the City’s natural resources and environmentally sensitive areas.
Hazards: A series of goals focused on ways to prevent and respond to natural and man-made disasters.
Community Character: Goals related to creating a shared vision with community input and improving/maintaining the quality of life in La Porte City
Community Facilities: Goals focused on continued support of strong public services and enhancing parks and open spaces.
Public Infrastructure and Utilities: Goals related to providing adequate streets and efficient utility services for La Porte City.
Housing: Goals related to improving the quality and diversity of housing in La Porte City.
Economic Development: Goals that promote economic development and a strong central business district
Transportation: Goals related to providing an efficient transportation system that allows for orderly development of the community
Land Use: Goals designed to maintain orderly growth and development in ways that benefit the community as a whole.
Collaboration: Goals designed to maintain orderly growth and development in ways that benefit the community as a whole, using partnerships with other agencies to save resources when possible.
La Porte City Task Force Members
Jim Bader, Planning & Zoning
Joe Connolly, Union Schools
LeAnn Craft, Historic Preservation
Sarah Craft, City Council
James Hoelscher, Economic Development
Mike Johnson, City Council
Dan Kautz, Board of Adjustment
Neil Mullen, Union Schools
Dave Neil, Mayor
Shane Neil, Board of Adjustment
Corey Seibert, Chamber of Commerce
Dick Sides, Planning & Zoning
Jennifer Sparks, Zoning Administrator
Sam Weich, Public Works
Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk