The Union High School Class of 1992 will gather during the La Porte City Lions Club Festival of Trails to celebrate their 25-year reunion. Alumni should plan to meet at 7 PM on Saturday, June 17, at the Pizza Palace, 411 Main Street. Classmates will enjoy camaraderie and conversation with their oldest friends. They are welcome to join the festivities on Main Street and stay as long as they wish.
On Sunday, June 18, those who are interested may meet at the LPC Fire Station for the Waffle Breakfast at 10 AM.
Plans are also in the works for another Reunion event later this year. Classmates are encouraged to join the class Facebook page, Union High School Class of 1992 (La Porte City & Dysart, IA) for further updates.
The Class of 1992 was the first class to complete all four years of high school together as Union Knights, having started ninth grade together under the whole grade sharing arrangement.