La Porte City has begun a city rebranding project with Independence-based company Fusion Forward, LLC. Branding is absolutely critical because it directly affects the overall impact the community makes on residents and its visitors. Branding impacts how people view the city’s brand, and it can drive new business and increase awareness and interest in the city.

The research phase of the project has concluded, with the completion of a community survey in June. In order to gain a better understanding of La Porte City’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for growth, three different surveys were utilized to provide very useful information that will help rebrand the community. Fusion Forward developed three different surveys to gain insight and answers from community members, business owners and visitors.








Community Member survey resulted in 171 respondents


Owner survey resulted in 13 respondents

Visitor survey resulted in 24 respondents

The survey results showed that many residents are satisfied with several aspects of the community, but also think there is room for improvement in the areas of downtown development and local tourism.

Based on the findings of the surveys and research, Fusion Forward will develop the community’s brand identity, message and strategy. Developing a new brand identity for La Porte City is important because it will increase its value, give community members direction and motivation, and will make it easier to acquire new customers and businesses.

Fusion Forward, LLC is a design and marketing company specializes in brand creation and implementation of the developed brand. This rebranding will create a strong and positive identity for La Porte City that will boost community pride, help guide decisions in the future, and help market the community to current residents and businesses, potential residents and businesses, and visitors.

Why is branding important?

A strong, cohesive brand can help bring drive and focus to a community, making it that much easier to acquire new business opportunities and visitors from all over. With a guide on how to use the new logo and marketing materials that are eventually developed, community stakeholders will be prepared to produce consistent communication across all platforms.

The next steps of this branding project include:
• Developing a new logo for the City of La Porte City
• Developing a positioning / tagline statement
• Creating a brand standards guide with recommendations of proper use
• Creating and delivering the necessary files for proper use of logos and taglines
• Creating and delivering templates the City can use for marketing materials, including signage, letterhead, website, brochures, business cards, etc.

The goal of this branding project is to streamline the process of La Porte City’s community development. A new, clean look can help bring in new customers and residents, resulting in community growth and enhanced resources for its residents.