Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission is pleased to bring Compost; Food for the Food to the Cedar Valley! Scott Koepke from New Pioneer Co-op’s Soilmates program will be the guest speaker on May 1st at 7 PM at Hartman Reserve Nature Center.
Plants need to eat before people and animals can eat food.  Compost; Food For The Food is a fun, interactive introduction to composting and soil principles.  Roots need to absorb available nutrients from the decomposition process of organic matter, and we build organic matter when we make compost.  More than half of the resources we typically throw away in landfills are the food and paper waste ingredients for potential plant food.  Koepke will share affordable composting methods and designs you can easily use at home, at schools, or your business.
The workshop is free to the general public, however pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  Register online by visiting the Waste Trac Education Team’s Facebook page (and join the workshop event) or call to get on the workshop list at 266-TRAC. The workshop is courtesy of the Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission, in partnership with the Waste Trac Education Team, Hartman Reserve Nature Center, and the Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition.
For more information, logon to or call the Waste Trac Education Team for the Black Hawk Co. Solid Waste Management Commission at 266-8722. Hartman Reserve Nature Center is located at 657 Reserve Drive, Cedar Falls.