By Dolores Bader

I’m pretty sure that I can’t be the only person in my age bracket that feels alienated. Like Alice in Wonderland, I have slid down the Rabbit Hole and haven’t a clue about “What next?” With Alice I get “curiouser and curiouser” about the purpose and “do-ability” of life.

Let me start with my frustration over television. My generation saw the birth of that phenomenon and many of us well remember when it was a source of truly entertaining programs that you waited faithfully and impatiently for week after week. Now with hundreds of stations it’s hard to find anything at all worth watching. If American TV is so great why are people watching Downton Abbey? The fact that new program after new program never makes it through its first season should be telling producers something. You have to wonder if they really have a clue as to who their viewers are. The big screen has been replaced by hand-held devices that are often out-buzzed by another device in another pocket! Nobody seems to know, or care, what the program is about.

Then there are the sports complexes and casinos. I am not “Against” either. Heaven knows I have spent plenty of time and more than a little money in both venues. But I cannot understand the fuss over the cost of education while we throw billions of bucks on the altars of the “fun gods.” Has it occurred to anyone that it would make more sense to get a yes from the gaming commission before putting a casino ballot before the people for a vote? What good will the expense and animosity of an election be if the Gaming Commission says “NO”? All venues have a saturation point. Take a look at our once flourishing shopping malls, now being replaced by shops in strip malls. There was a time when such a thought would have been laughable.

Somewhere under our Winter White we have lost a treasure. We have lost Common Sense. We desperately need a season of renewal; a time where mind masters matter and good gets the best of the fanged creatures we invent.