By Dolores Bader

As I hear the horror stories about Iowa’s bridges and decaying roads and infrastructure, I am very, very thankful that we have the two new bridges east of town and that the huge job of restructuring Commercial is complete. I looked at the photos of Main Street in last week’s issue of the Progress Review and my first thought was “Here we go again.” My second thought was, “Of course we need to update.” In just eight years this community will celebrate its 150th birthday. What part of your home or business existed 150 years ago? What has changed even in the last fifty years?

The infrastructure is only part of the problem. The major foe may be our attitudes as we approach the need for change. We can fight it or we can make it a priority and set our minds on enjoying the process that will lead into a bright future for this “gateway” community. I am not referring to the gate as an entry to a place, but to the gate as a life style that reflects community pride and concern for those who are the future of this town. I am looking back at the efforts of those whose blood, sweat, tears and taxes gave us an admirable school system, city parks, swimming pool, tennis courts, fire station, Main Street bridge and sports facilities. I am thinking of the people who dug into their own pockets to make our churches expressions of faith and hope.

We can moan and groan our way into the future or we can put the combined talents of this community to work and bring to being the kind of place that people WANT to pack up and move to because they can see we appreciate the quality of life that is lacking in so many communities today. Do you walk onto the golf course with a negative attitude? Do you head out to buy a house or car (or especially a pickup) without quality in mind? It is time to re-do the 1871-1971 City of La Porte Book for the year 2021. We need it to show growth and vitality.

LPC…a Loads of Potential Community