By Dolores Bader

What did you learn from all of the tragic events of mid-April 2013? If life is a school this seems to be test time. How is your math? Have you counted your blessings? How about English Lit? Have you offered words of hope or comfort? Oh yes, Ag and Industrial Ed.! Do you comprehend the rules of nature? Have the rules you learned in Phys. Ed. played out in your daily life?

Not one of the words in the foregoing paragraph is intended for school kids. They are all for the mature (and immature) adults among us who think that life owes them something. Get over it; there is no free ride. There are basic rules in life, just as there are basic studies in the classroom. Whether you accept it as fate or wisdom, the simple fact remains that what we sow, we will reap. It may take awhile, perhaps even a lifetime, but justice is not blind. It will be served sooner or later. Like weeds in the bean field, the mistakes made by each and every one of us have to be dealt with if we expect a productive harvest.

Life only moves in one direction. It always faces forward. We can’t undo the horrors of Boston or the small town north of Waco, Texas. We can only do what we have already done. Iowans know tragedy. We remember floods, tornados and the deaths of good people like Ed Thomas and our servicemen who returned home for burial. Life will hand you many things you can never forget. But life also holds out a helping hand. We are the deciders. Will we move forward, pressing toward positive goals or will we slump into our chairs and live in dread?

If you didn’t learn the song as a little child, maybe the time to learn it is now. “Count your blessings, count them one by one…” The wisdom of the past tells us there is a time for everything under the sun, “A time to be born, a time to die; a time to destroy; a time to build.” Those are the words of Solomon, king of kings. It is amazing how little times have changed over the eons and, in spite of that, we think of ourselves as superior. Humility is a major virtue and its price is HIGH.