By Dolores Bader

I went to Union High School the evening of March 26 as a favor to a friend. Before the evening was over I realized it was she who had done me a favor. I was there on behalf of my former neighbors, Jo and Tom Harvey, who were out of town. My job was to read THEIR words of appreciation to Monsanto for generous donations to the La Porte-Dysart FFA and the Cedar Valley Food Bank. I headed home that evening with new thoughts about our educational system in general.

Four Union staff members and some of their students gave presentations on their classroom work that totally confirmed my thoughts that yesterday’s schooling is insufficient for today’s world. The teachers were Lois Long, Home Ec; Bob Hoffman, Industrial Tech; Louis Beck, Voc Ag; and Dale Wambold, Business. There were too many students to name but I can tell you they did a good job. The Industrial Tech team demonstrated a computer house plan and explained the complications of turning dream homes into livable and affordable properties. Having watched nine new homes go up in my area during the past couple of years I found the presentation very interesting.

The Home Ec Department furnished food, decorations and service for the evening and they were VERY efficient! The decorations were fun, the food was delicious and the class members had enthusiasm equal to that of their vibrant teacher. The FFA members presented a panel on modern farming. If you saw the giant tractors lined up at the High School a week earlier you know that farming “Ain’t what it used to be!” Let me ask you what a member of the audience asked the panel: “If someone asked you ‘What is agriculture?’ what would you say?”  My answer would be pretty simple: agriculture equals survival.

Mr. Wambold’s students accented the place of the computer in the lives of all of us. They did a payroll presentation among other things. Every parent should be required to spend a day in their offspring’s classroom. As we install high speed technology, bury power lines and pull out farm fences we need to be REAL about the future of education. We also need to appreciate companies like Monsanto who choose to honor their customers by giving back to groups and charities of their choice.