By Dolores Bader

If EVER there was a word I’m sick of, it is #hashtag. It seems to be a favorite of advertisers everywhere. I don’t know if the users think it’s “cute” or helpful; I do know that for me it is a distracting turn-off. Words and phrases come and go and this one will take its place with “moniker” and “hipster” eventually. Until then, I’ll tune it out. While on the subject of words, think about this: “The recipe is not the cake.”

I might add neither is the box of cake mix. It takes human effort to produce the edible product. #Hashtag – “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” – but you didn’t need that bit of info did you?

Moving on…I’ve been sorting through storage boxes getting ready for an auction and distractions have been plentiful! I found a 1966 copy of the Black Hawk County Atlas that will take me hours to go through. It is loaded with pictures of area residents, towns, farmsteads, schools and churches. There is a picture of the 1933 Dunkerton boys’ basketball team after they won the state tournament that year; a photo of Main Street in Gilbertville and a story and picture of LPC’s Ralph Brown who was honored for years of trucking to Chicago – all on one page. It will NOT be going to the auction. Somewhere in the confusion there is a Benton County Atlas too.

Back to words. The word “atlas” means “strength, power and knowledge.” The use of that word for historic books pertaining to cities and counties, etc, dates back to the mid 1800s. An atlas and a plat book are totally different publications, both containing area maps. The advertising in the volume is interesting too. A lot of businesses have come and gone since 1966. The days of seven gas stations and an equal number of grocery stores is history. The time of two drug stores in one block is long gone. The preservation of history was “part” of the goal of the Title Atlas Company. I’m pretty sure they had financial goals too. They did the job well!