Could it be that we all need to take a thought-break now and then to see whether we are mentally aligned with right thinking or if we are moving through life propelled by assumption? Webster says the words assume or presume mean “to take for granted.”

Do you assume the cashier deducted your coupons; that the plane or bus will be on time; that your favorite recipe will turn out perfect or that your car will start in the morning? I assume that when I press the button the garage door will open; that touching a switch will light up a room; that the washing machine gets the clothes clean and that the food I just dumped out of a can is safe to eat.

How simplistic can we get? We have no reason to assume much of anything in this day and age.  Last week a news article revealed the licensing of 1428 permits for domestic drones since 2007 with predictions of 10,000 of the “buggers” by 2020. They are equipped with cameras, listening devices and every kind of high tech gear you can imagine. We no longer need to worry about invasions from outer space – but we might need to give a thought or two to the monsters of our own creation.

Don’t “assume” I am trashing drones. I am not. They serve many legitimate causes, but do you need them reading your license plates? Creators are increasingly resourceful. They might design drones that look like planes, birds or butterflies. They are a whole new breed of high-wired fairies that are not going to go away.

Back to our everyday assumptions: we need to remember to be thankful for and appreciative of the semis who get our food from coast to coast; the people that keep our power lines and systems operative; those who attend to our health and medical needs and all who serve the public. As for your favorite recipe, it’s okay to assume it will be perfect.