The new street lights along Commercial Street are now in operation. They really give the locality a new look, even in the daytime. To me it is a new and yet an old look, very much in keeping with the style of homes along this main thoroughfare. They certainly enhance the character of the area.
From any spot on Main Street the new water tower looms high on the horizon but from the back windows of my house the tower peeks through the trees below the ground level of the new homes built last summer on what I now call Happy Hill. Why Happy Hill? Because from that elevation you can see almost everywhere, because there are children to liven up the area, because it is a place on the banks of Big Creek¬† that can never be touched by flood waters (short of a Noah’s Ark event).¬† There is no question; my years of anticipating the thought of spring floods along the Cedar have left their mark. In the days before flood insurance, late thawing and heavy rains had a much different meaning than they do today.
Happy Hill has wild turkeys, deer, and eagles along with dogs and cats. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen pheasants, but meadowlarks and squirrels abound. A round trip to the post office or grocery store is a matter of minutes and the school bus stops here! It has been a couple of generations since the family of Dr. Jack Mau settled into their new home on the hill. The Mau children were beautiful and their exploits were legendary.
Time marches on, or does it sprint? As you watch the ever-changing landscape, think about this: at one time the LPC Telephone Company planted a grove of catalpa trees north of town which they planned to use as poles. I don’t know how that worked out but it makes you wonder how many more of these old stories are yet to be rediscovered.