By Dolores Bader

Cedar Valley Bank & Trust on the corner of Main and Chestnut is celebrating twenty years in LPC today. For some reason the number of years came as a shock to me. Twenty years? No way! That thought was followed by others. One of those thoughts was how easily we take for granted the presence of the services of those who deal with the needs of the public. Small communities pay homage to their schools, churches and small businesses, but we just expect the post office to open, the mail to be delivered, the streets to be cleared and the garbage to be picked up.

Even in today’s world of business by computer banking and other local services make life easier for many people. Remember the days when we were without medical service? Would you close the doors of the Pharmacy or the Clinic today? Not without  an uproar from this community. Cedar Valley’s twenty years brings to mind the age of other businesses that we expect to open every morning for our convenience. People like Dick and Dee Hutton are indeed Miracles On Main! Can you picture yourself heading for town before dawn so locals can get those delicious donuts and other treats?

Do you remember when Jolie’s was the A&W with car service? That was a big deal when the place opened in whatever year. Thanks to Julie and Boyd Borton, it’s a big deal today. Because of their efforts, the business survives. Thanks to Casey’s, Pronto and the Co-Op, we don’t have to drive several miles to fill our gas tanks. The glaring need in this community is for appropriate Senior housing. The good news on that front is that a new generation is beginning to think about their retirement years and how they want to spend them. Hopefully they can bring us up-to-date with other small towns in this regard.

For today…Happy Anniversary Cedar Valley!