By Dolores Bader

The number of adults involved as volunteers with youth sports activities in this community escapes me. At the same time it astounds me! For the past few weeks the Progress Review has featured pictures of young people involved in summer activities. Hundreds of area children are involved in activities under the guidance of adults who volunteer many hours of supervision and guidance. Without their generous participation you have to wonder what would become of most of these summer programs. I can’t tell you who does the maintenance work at the Lions ball diamonds on 8th Street either, but it is a safe guess they are not on a payroll either. The Lions Club members took on that project back in 1991 with several upgrades over the intervening years.

The Bible schools for area children are another forte featuring volunteers serving in roles of leadership. For years I wrote a column titled “Where People Count Most.”  That title came from a city celebration contest to establish a new motto for this community. That was back in the 1970’s. If you remember who coined the phrase please let me know. Who ever came up with those words NAILED IT! The local gardeners who take care of public gardens are another gifted group who give all of us the benefit of their WORK. All of these people are the backbone that allows this community privileges it could in no other way afford.

Last week’s picture of the huge local swim team took me back to the day in October of 2001 when the vote for a new pool in LPC went down to defeat with only a 42% of the 60% yes vote needed. Again, it was the persistence of those with foresight that kept the effort for a positive vote going until today’s beautiful facility got a “YES!”

As I write work is progressing on the new shelter house at the City Park. That brought the question, “Will there be a Party in the Park this Year?” My only answer was “I don’t know.” That is another very special event engineered by volunteers who belong to local organizations, people who work very hard for little or no expression of appreciation. We need to make sure that the people who do things that promote the good of all need to hear a BIG “Thank You” from the rest of us.