By Dolores Bader

This year’s Garden Walk sponsored by the Museum was spectacular! It was very well attended, and I’m sure it will come back to the minds of many of us as we weed and mow through the blooming season. The elaborate yards and gardens were sure evidence that there are green minds behind the green thumbs that tend those gorgeous gardens. The layouts and themes alone had to be time consuming.

If you haven’t checked out the new Shabby & Chic on Highway 218 next to Casey’s or Laurie’s Boutique in the 500 block of Main Street it’s time to do so. They are shops that can hold their own with area competitors large or small. One of my favorite stories from the garden walk was the tale of the metal tree at Sheffler’s. In response to a question about where it came from, Gary responded with raised eyebrows and a big grin, “I found it upstairs at the flower shop.” The flower shop was Sunshine Florals & Gifts owned by Nancy and Cliff McFarland. The person who asked the question responded, “I didn’t know there was an upstairs!” Did you know that? Have you checked it out? There could be a treasure there just waiting for YOU.

While on the subject of treasures, Shelley and Dave Hopkins have their collections displayed and for sale in the building on Commercial that formerly housed Marion Spence’s Reflections. The antique market is subject to a life and death cycle unlike that of human beings. It goes through dormant periods as one generation ends the buying cycle and the next group starts hunting for its past.

As you observe the Fourth of July tomorrow think back. What were you doing on the 4th of July when you were ten? Twenty? Thirty? There comes a point in life when the past takes on new meaning. It is a time of re-evaluation and revelation. We are a people marked by destiny; are we minding the mark? July 4th calls us to rededication to the use, not abuse, of freedom. We are the stars in the flag.