By Dolores Bader

We are ten days away from the longest day of the year. That is hard to believe. From that day on the days will shorten – only by minutes of course, but the thought is somehow “out of place.” Our weather patterns have a lot of things “out of sync.” I’m wondering if the disappearance of my perpetual parade of box elder bugs is weather related. Did they go back into hibernation? Did my bug spray work or are they waiting for the warmth of sunshine to reappear? I know one thing; I have all sizes of fuzzy black spiders now. That is a new and unwelcome development.

We have things to do before we reach that first day of summer. We need to enjoy all the activities offered during the Festival of Trails this weekend. The parade route is different this year, as is the layout of Main Street. Change can be revitalizing. Some of the best money ever spent in this community was for the city sign and gardens at the point as you enter town from the north on 218. The people who keep that area beautiful deserve a BIG thank you from the rest of us.

Another note of appreciation goes to the city crews who have dealt with water problems in recent weeks. Our problems were more inconvenience than disaster related. We are all thankful for that. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people in this community who don’t know that the north side of Main Street at the intersection of Chestnut was damaged by a tornado in November of 1888. In 1902 flood water took out the railroad bridge over Big (Wolf) Creek. That flood took out the city’s light and power plant leaving those without kerosene lamps in the dark. Life offers us occasion after occasion to count our blessings and be thankful for them.

The Festival of Trails got its name from this community’s recognition of the importance of recreational opportunities offered here. Next week Sing Me To Heaven will sponsor a golf tournament at the LPC Golf Club; another beautiful purpose in a beautiful place.