By Dolores Bader

It started out to be a country ride to see what the fields and crops looked like. It ended up being an afternoon of refreshment. The fields in general were beginning to look plant-able but the weather reports were still casting doubt on the subject. The doubt was non-existent for our river acres. That story is written.

Instead of crossing the river and turning around I decided to drive up Canfield a mile or so. One mile led to another and in minutes I was at the turn to Gilbertville. Coming into that community from the east you see their beautiful park and ball diamonds. Rather than take a quick turn and head for home I decided to ride around. That small community is loaded with beautiful new homes! Neat yards and gardens everywhere. Of course the church and school buildings and grounds, the historic hub of the community, are also elegant. Why would anyone want to live in Waterloo with so many beautiful small communities within minutes by car?

Driving back into LPC from the north I thought of the new additions in this town that are totally hidden from those who simply drive through on the highway. When trying to give directions to homes in that area I call it Water Tower Park. Most rational humans can find a route to the water tower, though it is not simple. There are beautiful yards and gardens all over this community too. Last week the FFA orchard on West Main took form. As you drive that street think of the spring those trees bloom!

On the subject of blooming…kudos to the Museum Board for bringing Heidi Tietz DeSilva from Peterson & Tietz Greenhouse in Waterloo to LPC to talk about plants last week. Her enthusiastic presentation was great!  You will want to be part of the Garden Walk which is also sponsored by the Museum next Sunday, June 23rd.  Now let me ask: Have you seen the new exhibit at the Museum this year? It is a fascinating look at the history of this community. From the magnificent stairway to the smallest detail you get a picture of the past which is both comfortable and charming.