By Dolores Bader

It occurs to me that there might be area residents who aren’t aware of the fact that La Porte City has a summer Santa. He may not have a white beard but he loves fireworks and has been the benefactor of the annual celebration fireworks display for as long as I can remember. Local attorney Jim Robertson has provided both financial and physical input over many years. I can even remember his mother’s sigh of relief one year after he had helped set up and set off the yearly display at the Golf Course. Marion Robertson also rolled her eyes when she talked about her son and his love for flying his plane. His love for greenhouse experiments brought a big smile to her face. She was a great card player and a very gracious lady.

The Robertson family goes back generations in the history of this community. The High School sits on property that once belonged to that clan. It should come as no surprise that the family is also reaching into the future. Thanks to the savvy of Jim Robertson, the LPC Telephone Co. is on the cutting edge of everything electronic! All the huge rolls of wire you see stored behind the Lions Club ball diamonds near the city disposal plant will connect rural La Porte and Mt Auburn customers to the latest technology. While other small communities are closing local phone companies Jim Robertson has the wit and will to head his ship, and coincidentally ours, into the future.

Back to his mom, her life and mine were worlds apart. She was a citizen of the world. Gentle, kind, intelligent… and she played a mean game of cards! I never left her presence without feeling enlarged by something I had learned from her. I find it a matter of great interest that the Robertsons and the Hawkins whom I have written about recently were neighbors and who all loved growing things. All these things come back, thanks to the magnificent fireworks display of 2013 – the greatest ever!