By Dolores Bader

In spite of the weather the flying flags at West View Cemetery were beautiful!  I know I can say, “Thank you!!” for myself and a lot of other people to those of you responsible for the grand display. The perpetual winds had to add to the chore of getting those poles in place. Think of the stories the lives represented by that hillside could tell!  Memorial Day is a reminder to all of us to keep a reasonable perspective with our expectations.

Hopefully there will soon be a new shelter house at the City Park, another plus for this community. As you drive past the park on 4th Street, notice the trees at the park and along the street. When I go to Vinton and see the piles of mangled trees left from the storm a few years ago I realize once again how lucky we are.  They are still working on roof repairs at the School for the Blind in Vinton; one more reminder of the power of Mother Nature.

The carving event added to this year’s Festival of Trails schedule should be very interesting. It is really hard to believe the year is almost half over – wiped out by the wearing winds of spring. Change is the name of the game for the Festival this year. That is a good thing. Life is not just a matter of repetition; it is a call to creativity. Maybe if we re-embrace that thought the winds will calm down.

One more thought: even if you don’t know a ball player or understand the game, spend an evening at the softball and baseball complexes just to see what beautiful facilities they are. Not every community is as fortunate as this one when it comes to athletic facilities. That goes for the pool and tennis courts too. Add the LPC Golf Club and its patio and you have a picture of the Good Life!