By Dolores Bader

If the only vision that comes to your mind when you hear the word IOWA is that of fields of corn and beans then it is time to think again. A seventeen year old girl from Des Moines has written a book that is getting five star reviews on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. The girl is Talia Y. Leman and the title of the book is:  a random book about the power of ANYone. No, I did not misprint. That is what you will find on the cover of this delightfully clever compilation of facts and inspiration written by this THINKER when she was sixteen!

Ms. Leman was obviously born creative (aren’t we all?) and she had whatever the “IT” is to move on her instincts. Her early start came with the winds of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. At that time she was in fifth grade. Those winds moved her to organize kids all over the country to raise money for survivors of the tragic disaster. She envisioned Halloween Trick or Treating as the perfect way to gather money to help those in need on the Gulf Coast. By the time all was said and done the effort added to ten million dollars for restoration efforts. From that point she moved on to create a non-profit organization called Random Kid. The organization’s motto is “Welcome to the place where any Random Kid can solve real-world problems.”

Back to the book, it is like no other in its “random” and very unique presentation. A very easy read, the book is loaded with common sense and scientific information. The illustrations by David Trumble are a delight in themselves. My initial thought was, “This book should be read by every kid in the world.” Then came a better thought, this book should be REQUIRED READING for every adult on our planet. With a mindset like Talia Leman’s, life will take on a new glow for any and all who adopt the concepts she presents.