By Dolores Bader

What I found was so exciting that I forgot what I was looking for! Rooting through a seldom explored storage area I found large pieces of artwork by locals Sandra Hopkins, Mildred Riggle, Addie Stahnke, Carra Marie Bauer and Alice Cordray. If you know anything of the local art community you know the work of Mayme Gill, Lucille Arthur, Jim Kinne and Fred Bombach to name a few. I can’t give you names of those who pursue the art of painting or design in this community today because they do it very quietly.

Not so quiet are those who create with fabric. They are more likely to gather in groups to socialize as they quilt or crochet their fabulous and intricate designs. It bothers me to no end that we have no place to exhibit the enormous talent expressed in this community over generations. When will we get around to realizing what treasures lie right under our noses? When will we be smart enough to realize that we can put together a treasure trove available for public inspection? I think back to last June and a tour through an art gallery on Cape Cod. I remember thinking then that we could easily SURPASS that impressive setup right here in LPC if we set our minds to it.

Now my thoughts move to the fuss over a possible library move and happy thoughts dance in my head as I think of the potential for creating an art gallery surrounding shelves of reading and high-tech equipment where the profuse talents handed down, and coming up, could be combined. Roy Hawkins was mayor of this community when the local Lions Club first proposed establishment of a local library in 1945. It was Hawkins’ widow, Anna, who left the city over $80,000 for improvement of library facilities. That couple would surely approve the forward movement of a project they supported beyond reason for so many years.

One more thought: among those who served as librarian over the years was artist Mayme Gill. If you knew the Lady, you can pull up her gentle smile and quiet demeanor. She would beam at the thought of a combined facility that would be a gigantic plus to this community. Can you picture it?