By Dolores Bader

For every athlete who gets a free-ride education there is a serviceman or woman who deserves the educational opportunities for answering the call to serve. We need to get our priorities in order. We also need to acknowledge the fact that what passes for education is not the equivalent of productive employment. Unless what you know translates into the actual ability TO DO, knowledge is over-rated. Who calls the plumber who can name the problem but doesn’t know how to connect the pipes?

Monday is Memorial Day – a time to recall and honor those who served our country in the past. It is more. It is time to redirect our attention to those who serve in this day which is loaded with fire-kegs waiting to be ignited in dozens of places on this planet. Those who enter our armed forces with the explicit goal of getting an educational break available in no other way have already proven they will learn and they will be productive. Memorial Day calls us to honor those who serve NOW. These are people who know the price of commitment and we should know it too. If they want an education, it is our job to see that they get it.

Education, incidentally, is more than life on a campus. It is actually more real and proficient in this day at places like Hawkeye Community College and other schools all over our state that TRAIN real people for real JOBS. Like a baseball game, real life is full hits and runs, strikes and errors.

There is no game without a pitcher and a batter. You can play the game without a coach or umpire or the outfielders but it will not be the same. No question, if we poured the cash spent on sports in other directions it would make a difference. Memorial Day is a call to balance our values, to recognize our blessings and live accordingly.