By Dolores Bader

Sweeping floors in any fast-food establishment would be preferable to being president of this country! One minute you are top dog and the next, low man on the totem pole. A small “O” obamacare is bound to be an addition to new versions of Webster’s Dictionary. What would newscasters have to talk about without the current fiasco? As 2013 plays out, we need to touch base with reality. According to Mr. Webster, part of the function of government is “direction, control and management.” Those are also commendable attributes in parents, teachers and business leaders. The problem isn’t the individual functions, the problem is in the application.

This is the month we recall, and celebrate, the birth of this nation. What were our forefathers pursuing? Oh yes, “liberty and justice for all.” Would good old George crossing the Potomac ever dreamed we’d be in a war of words over who is going to pay whose medical bills? Could Columbus sailing the waters blue have envisioned a land where billions are spent on Halloween and sports betting while segments of the population head for bed hungry? Have we lost touch with reality? Is Lincoln smiling his quiet smile as people post their stupidity all over the internet for the world to see?

What would happen if we were cast back on the resources of those first settlers in this land? Would we survive? It’s a sure bet that setting foot on the sailing ships was a lot easier than taking the first steps in the barren land they found on this side of the ocean. This month is the perfect time for reflection. What are our goals? Who is really running the show? We are on the brink of another election year. We dare not go forward without careful consideration. We need people in public office who have concerns beyond private agendas. It is time for wisdom and fortitude to prevail.