By Dolores Bader

A recent news article stated that Iowa’s corn and bean crops represent only 7% of this state‚Äôs income. Can that possibly be even close to correct? It served as a reminder to me of the admonition to always take what you read with a grain of salt. We live in times where change is so fast that yesterday’s fiction is today’s fact. Can you remember what you were doing or what your main concern was a year ago today? What is your primary connecting device today? What was it ten years ago? The landline telephone is almost obsolete today. Time doesn’t just march; it is running a marathon.

The Fire Department’s annual fish fry was last Saturday. Everyone knows the value of this volunteer organization in this community. Did you know that they got their first motorized piece of equipment in 1920? If you were asked the age of the current Fire Station (where the tasty fish were served) could you give the right answer? You can now; it was built in 1967. The City Hall building across the street from the Fire Station has a rich history too. In 1898 the spot now occupied by city officials was the home of Cooper Endgate, Scoop Board Manufacturing Company. Later it became the passenger station for the CF&N Interurban line. In 1979 the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Can you name the other local buildings on the Register?

Maybe we aren’t as conscious as we should be of the extensive history of this community. The current street work and infrastructure replacement is a daily reminder that this town has been here for a long time. Generations have come and gone and their legacy is preserved in stately homes and community buildings built for service. The job of preservation passes from generation to generation.

Tonight is the Fall Supper and Bazaar at St. Paul Methodist Church. See you there! Saturday night is the Hot Soup…Cool Bowl fund raiser at the Museum, the place that keeps local history in magnificent perspective for all of us. Money will go toward restoration of the log cabin by the old fire station. See you there too.