By Dolores Bader

You’ve got it all figured out, right? You understand Obamacare and our medical mess; you understand the actions and IN-ACTIONS of our Congressional representatives at all levels. Good for you! I’m stuck in the crowd that can’t make much sense out of anything that goes on at a governmental level. I can close my eyes and see Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower perched on a cloud laughing their heads off at the level of national buffoonery we are witnessing.

Fortunately there is a saving grace. October is a beautiful month in this state and locally it means a lot of activities involving food. There will be church suppers, Legion steak frys and the annual Chocolate Walk! Repair work on the city streets is progressing and there are new owners for Union Station. You only have to drive half a mile south to Bob and Maureen Hanson’s to get your pumpkins and Fall decorations. Have you seen that pumpkin covered field? Talk about a prolific yield!

A major difference this October will be the progression of the harvest. Farmers are already clearing really dry fields, way ahead of normal harvest time. One of the saving graces at this point has been the heavy dews we’ve seen in the early morning hours. Our strange weather patterns should be a lesson for all of us, we take way too many things for granted. This year’s harvest will reflect in the cost of living, you can be sure of that.

I recently came across a 1974 copy of U.S. News & World Report. A lot of its pages were devoted to the transition from the presidency of Richard Nixon to that of Gerald Ford. There was a great deal of reflection and speculation. As I lay the magazine aside my only thought was “So what?” History is indeed repetitious. The time we spend wishing for political perfection is an exercise in futility. Clear your mind and turn to the beauty of this season and enjoy every moment you possibly can.