By Dolores Bader

As I write, the trees around town are gorgeous in their autumn garb; it might be a different story by the time you read these words. In these days of instant communication only someone short a few brain cells would write a week ahead! I tell myself that every week. Then I think of those who produce monthly magazines with deadlines several month’s down the road. What a spot they are in! The fact that we are all surrounded with instruments of instant communication compounds the situation. Accuracy no longer is pertinent. Anyone can text anything, quite often things they would never communicate vocally face to face. I probably won’t live to see it but the generations after me will: a whole new field of employment just to patrol and police the cyber world that now dominates the planet.

In the meantime the trees are beautiful; it’s time to get ready for Halloween and the turn of the calendar to November. On November 5th it will be time to vote for mayor and two new City Council members. These are not easy jobs and we need to be thankful that there are people hardy enough to take them on. This is the ending for early fall sports and prep time for a season of new athletic endeavors. The music department at Union presented their concert last night. Remember I am writing a week ahead – so details will come later.

The real message this week is in the fact that I have done this sort of thing for forty years with never a thought of intimidation. There have been wars, storms, epidemics and every form of the unexpected; it’s all part of the human experience. Seasons come and go; leave form and fall, crops sprout and are hauled across the Co-op scales and the old saying holds true: “The more things change the more they stay the same.” We need to hold on to the truths that renew themselves just as the universe does, one day at a time.