By Dolores Bader

What if the BIG thing we learn from the latest fiasco in Washington D.C. is that things work better without so-called national political leaders? I am fully aware that between the short time I write these words and they are actually published the whole scene could be drastically different. But, for the moment, I harbor the thought that we send the monkeys home and return executive power to the individual states, along with the tax dollars that pay the Top Dogs’ salaries. How could it get worse?

Last Wednesday night, I watched as hundreds of young people from area schools, near and far, gathered at the Union High School football field for an inspirational program sponsored by Fields of Faith. The weather was calm and beautiful. During the testimonies of young athletes you could have heard a pin drop. I sat at the back of the field and, as I looked over the crowd, mostly seated on blankets on the ground, I remember the Biblical stories of the feeding of the thousands. In those days, there was political turmoil too. Last week, Union students were collecting canned goods for the Food Bank; the feeding of the hungry does not need National Political Sanctification.

Tomorrow night (Oct. 10) is one of those special occasions in this community that is totally light-hearted and delicious! The LPC Chamber of Commerce will host their annual Chocolate Walk from 5:30 until 8 PM. You can pick up your treat bag and punch card at Witham Auto Center, the official starting location. The event will end with a drawing for the grand prize at the LPC Golf Club at 8:30. Twenty- one local businesses are involved in the event, with trays of goodies everywhere!

Of course, tonight you can enjoy the annual Pork Chop Supper at the American Lutheran Church. That is the first of the season’s “church feasts.” Details about the others will come as their times approach. Food and fellowship: new fields of faith waiting for one and all.