By Dolores Bader

There are several deadlines coming up. Filings for the position of mayor and for the two Council seats to be filled need to be completed by 5 PM Thursday, September 19. Every local citizen needs their head in this game. The JOB (the word is capitalized for a purpose) of running a small town is not a small task. The people who fill the hot seats at City Council meetings are doing the rest of us a HUGE favor and they need our support in every way we can give it. They are tax payers too and we can be pretty sure they are as unhappy with pot holes and utility problems as the rest of us. We need to do more than complain. Every one of us is capable of taking constructive thoughts and ideas to be considered by the mayor and council for the good of all. If the ideas are unworkable they will at least have been  considered. To be involved could mean also being enlightened.

The deadline for the Citywide Garage Sales is tomorrow. The Sale will be Saturday the 21st. On that day people from other communities are going to discover La Porte City’s new businesses too. From the number of vehicles I’m seeing at Shelley and Dave Hopkins’ PRIMitive and PROPER, I have high hopes that this community will become again the attraction it once was for those searching for treasures from times long gone. Treasure hunting always revives as new generations start searching for their past.

Finally thank you to Brian Weber, Lisa Anton, James Bronner, Kevin Sash and Cathy Niebergall for seeking positions in yesterday’s School Board election. That job is no piece of cake either! We may be living in Cyber Space, drowning in a communication slew, but Common Sense is still needed as a lightning rod.