By Dolores Bader

One of the most important lessons I ever learned was in the classroom where I was supposed to be studying the works of Shakespeare. Seeing that many of her students were struggling with the subject matter, English teacher Florence Black paused in mid-sentence, laid down the text book she was holding and walked closer to our desks. Then she said, “Today this seems difficult to understand. You need to know that the most important lesson you will ever learn is contained in four words. Those words are, ‘This too will pass.’ There hasn’t been a single day in my life that those words have not run through my head. Good or bad they apply. All situations are temporary, subject to change at any moment.”

The weird weather all over the world the past two years is one of those things that “come to pass.” Here today, gone tomorrow. We notice the immediate effect on our plans for the day or the week, but do you catch the subtle signs? Have you actually noted the growth of the trees in this community in the past two years? Because I look out on town from a different vantage point I can see an enormous change in the local skyline. If humans were taken out of the equation, Iowa would be a gigantic forest in no time.

Every generation has an obligation to the generation that follows them. You need to pass on the message: “This too will pass.” That needs to be followed with a question. The question could be, “What have you learned from this situation and how will you move forward?” Or it could be something completely different  You WILL know the right thing to say when the time comes.

Right in this community we have an exemplary example of using a negative situation in a positive way. Sing Me To Heaven is an outstanding example of how a family has used the death of a beloved child for the good of others. Jennifer Howard and her family have given us all an example of constructive action in the face of negative circumstances, as has her brother Shawn Mehlert. We all need to go and do likewise.