By Dolores Bader

My calendar sure got thin in a hurry this year!  I’m afraid summer will remain in my mind only as a question mark: When was it?  How did I miss it?  Where did it go?  My summer project, which involves taking out the back fence and the two small hen houses (that we were so thrilled to haul home at one point) has yet to be completed.  The big problem: trees!  They are continually popping up uninvited.  There is NO PLACE where locusts, mulberry’s and the like will not grow.

In the process of emptying those sheds, it crossed my mind more than once that the greatest invention of my time was not a medical advancement or ventures into space…it was the creation of plastic containers.

From half-a-cupper’s to the multi-gallon size, they have become denizens of society!  Life would be totally unorganized without them.  Of course, they also present us with a storage problem which we have managed to solve with new storage sheds.  Ingenious aren’t we?  We have replaced the Hen House and the nesting bird with things that only need our attention a couple times during our lifetime.

It’s time to turn our attention toward the Fall elections and thoughts about the future of this community.  Does it ever cross your mind what a blessing the 93.48% school merger vote back in 1991 was?  Would we be busing kids to Waterloo today if we had not seen the potential in that proposal?  There are only a few of us left who remember the old school on Commercial.  Only a few of us who remember the wagons rolling into town this time of year to the sweet corn factory on Cedar Street.  It is fine to remember but it is more important to look to the future with innovative ideas and creative plans.  One question is “Where have you been?”  The other is “Where are you going?”

And the answer is…???