By Dolores Bader

We talk about our daily routine, our fitness routine, our commuting routine or our eating routine with casual indifference. Our routines are so ingrained that many are performed unconsciously. We fill the dishwasher as we plan a quick trip to the mall; we go from one room to the other and stand wondering why we came here. Our minds and bodies are multi-faceted facilities that we are inclined to take for granted, until they do the unexpected and throw us into a tizzy.

Is it time to let new light into your life? Can you stand at the window and look at the snow as if you had never seen it before? Can you look at a grove of trees and remember the day they were planted? Can you watch the start of a new business with curiosity and hopeful expectations? When was the last time you tried a new recipe or actually sat down and wrote a letter? What was your favorite book when you were in fifth grade? When was the last time you read it? Somewhere along the line you probably spent some time finger painting or simply “doodling”…is it time to try it again?

I recently read a sentence that will not leave my mind. It said, “The word universe equals one song.” Now see if you can put that out of your mind. What does it mean? It means whatever you decide it means. It could refer to the cosmos; it could refer to the life of each individual; it could simply be a thought for reflection by each of us. You get to decide. I have already made my choice. I choose to accept it as a challenge to look for the joy in all the commonplace happenings of our ordinary days: the smell of good things baking, the sight of kids rolling the white stuff into a snowman, the surety that spring is coming, the Easter promise that life is ever new and ever renewable with a little effort on our part. All that life requires is that we reach for the best it has to offer. Go for it!