Factors that make lodging family-friendly

Family vacations have long been a great way for families to spend time together and build memories that will last a lifetime.Research shows that this tradition is alive and going strong. Research from AAA Travel found that 88 million residents of the United States planned to take family vacations in 2018.

The allure of overseas destinations is seemingly increasing, as AAA noted that 35 percent of the families who planned to vacation in 2018 intended to visit an international destination. That marked a 9 percent increase from the year prior. Parents planning family vacations must look for family-friendly activities that adults and kids can enjoy. Moms and dads also must find lodging that accommodates their families and makes them feel welcome. When looking for lodging, parents can consider a host of factors to determine if a hotel, bed and breakfast or resort is family-friendly.

Location. When looking for family-friendly lodging, parents should keep in mind that the location of the facility can be just as important as what it offers. A remote hotel or rental house might provide the solitude and respite parents are looking for, but such spots might not be best for families. If you’re planning on doing lots of sightseeing, then lodging that’s close to local sights and highways can save you from spending much of your vacation enduring lengthy car trips. Kids likely won’t appreciate such trips.

Accommodations. Modern families aren’t just vacationing; they are vacationing more often than they used to. AAA found that 27 percent of traveling families intended to take three or more family vacations in the next 12 months. One way for budget-conscious families to make that possible is to cut costs on each trip. All-inclusive resorts, in which the costs of family meals are included, or lodging that includes kitchens or kitchenettes, private patios to grill nightly meals and refrigerators large enough to store essentials like milk and eggs can help parents save on meals out on the town. That’s no small consideration, as a recent Consumer Expenditure Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that food and alcohol accounted for the second greatest vacation expense for domestic trips and the third highest expense for international travelers.

Activities. Many resorts provide a host of family-friendly activities that are included in the cost of the lodging. Private rentals or lodging booked through companies such as Airbnb are less likely to include such perks. Even hotels without extensive kid-friendly offerings may still have pools and/or private beach access that are free to guests. These present lots of activities for families at no additional cost, making them especially valuable options for budget-conscious parents.

Lodging is a big consideration for parents when planning family vacations. Each family is different, and parents must consider their own unique needs and wants before choosing lodging.