10 ways to support local businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of many communities. In the United States and Canada, the majority of businesses in operation are classified as small businesses, according to data from the Small Business Administration and Statistics Canada. Consumers can express their appreciation for the small businesses in their communities in various ways.
Create a guide to local small businesses and share it with other people from the community who have like-minded interests.

Shop at small businesses regularly.

Use social media to give your recommendations on small businesses that go above and beyond in quality and service.

Speak with business owners about your experience as a customer, sharing insight about both good and bad experiences.

Encourage your family or friends to make small business shopping a larger part of their overall spending plan.
Think of small business sponsorships when putting together school- or club-based fundraisers.

Host a meet-and-greet event for various small business owners.

If you own a small business, keep business cards, flyers or a sign advertising another small business in the area to show mutual support.

Invite small business owners to community activity centers, nursing homes, schools, and the like to share their experiences about starting a business in the area.

Participate in community events that may be sponsored by small business owners.