New restrictions related to vehicle weight limits and time lengths for parking on La Porte City’s Main Street go into effect today after action taken by the City Council last week.

Ordinance 547 amends the City Code to limit the gross weight of vehicles travelling in the 200 through 500 blocks of Main Street, between Locust and Walnut streets, to no more than five tons. The weight restriction does not apply to school buses, city-owned vehicles or vehicles to receive service or repair or those making deliveries in those locations. With the City preparing to reconstruct these four blocks of Main Street in 2020, the ordinance represents a proactive measure by the City Council to put new rules in place designed to protect and extend the life of the brick street surface.

Ordinance 549 establishes no parking zones on Third Street on both sides of Third Street for a distance of 30 feet southeast of the Locust Street intersection and 50 feet northwest of the Commercial Street intersection. This ordinance is designed to clear a pathway for large vehicle traffic that will be required to exit Main Street when approaching the restricted four block zone.

Ordinance 548 establishes a two-hour parking limit on all stalls located on Main Street between Locust and Walnut Street between the hours of 6 AM and 8 PM. The change is designed to alleviate parking congestion for patrons conducting business and shopping in the downtown district.

A complete listing of each ordinance is published in the July 10 print edition of The Progress Review and can also be found online at