La Porte City businesses will see an increase in their garbage collection rates following action taken by the City Council last week. The new rates will range in cost from $32.90 to $122.76 per month, depending on the size of container and the frequency it is emptied. The new rate for businesses that use a residential container instead of a dumpster was set at $21 per month. Garbage rates for residential customers will remain unchanged, $17 per month.

The Council’s action on garbage rates goes back to 2015 when the City outsourced its collection of garbage and recycling to Black Hawk Waste. At that time, it was discovered that the City’s commercial rates for garbage collection were significantly lower than Black Hawk Waste. That prompted the decision to phase cost increases for commercial customers in over a period of years, rather than hitting businesses with an instant increase that, in some cases, could have doubled or tripled their garbage collection costs. A complete listing of the new rates can be found on page three of this edition of The Progress Review.

No change was made to the minimum height requirement to use the water slide at the City’s  Family Aquatic Center. Following a discussion about the matter last month, the Council decided to ask the City’s insurance agency for a recommendation, which was to follow the manufacturer’s recommended safety procedures and keep the minimum height at the current 48 inches.

The Council also revisited the issue of its policy related to early closures of the Family Aquatic Center. The City’s Parks and Recreation Commission had recommended eliminating all references to attendance numbers in its early closure policy. The Council concurred on a 4-1 vote with Kristi Harrill dissenting. The approved policy will include weather conditions, lifeguard availability, mechanical issues and health-related issues as the relevant factors that will be used to determine the pool’s open status.

In other business, the Council took action on the recommendation from the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission, approving the rezoning of Lots 1-5, Block 8, Railroad Addition from  C-2 “Commercial” to M-1 “Light Manufacturing.”