On May 4, 2014, Hanna and Jordan Nuss graduated from Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa, again, having received their bachelor’s degrees from the same institution in 2012.
A new mom and assistant director at a local assisted living community, 25-year-old Hanna Nuss will be graduating with a master’s in health care administration while Jordan Nuss, a 25-year-old insurance service administrator, will be receiving his master’s in organizational management, with a supply chain management specialization.
The duo enrolled online at Ashford University in 2013, a year after their graduation from the school’s traditional, on-campus program in Clinton, Iowa. Although Hanna was the first to pursue her undergraduate degree at Ashford, while at the same time playing college volleyball, she persuaded her then-boyfriend to transfer his community college coursework and baseball skills to Ashford. After two years of courtship, the couple received their diplomas and married in 2012.
“These past two years have been the most demanding and rewarding of my life,” said Hanna. “I was four months pregnant when I enrolled in the graduate program and was still in school when Emerie was born. She is now 10 months old and I am graduating with my master’s degree from the same school that led me to Jordan. To top it all off, I can already thank my education for a recent promotion. Graduation is going to be extra special for us.”
Jordan adds that although the balance was difficult at times, the couple leaned on one another for support and celebrated academic accomplishments along the way.
Hanna is a 2007 graduate of Union High School.