Hawkins Memorial Library is participating in the DASH for the Stash, a new contest during Money Smart Week (MSW) Iowa, April 5-12. The statewide winner will be awarded $1,000 to open or add to a retirement investment account, thanks to the MSW partner, the Investor Protection Trust.

The DASH for the Stash will be played at nearly 100 libraries and other locations across the state. The contest is played much like a scavenger hunt. But instead of collecting objects, players will collect information and leave answers to quiz questions. “The goal is to impart some financial knowledge in a fun way, on how to save, invest, and protect your nest egg. Everyone will learn something.”

To play, participants go to the library to find four posters. They read each poster, access the quiz question and choose an answer. The posters cover topics of importance to savers and investors, such as understanding investment fees, finding financial advisors, avoiding fraud, and learning about investment products. The easiest way to play DASH for the Stash is to use a smart phone or mobile device to scan each poster’s QR code, but you can also use a computer.

“Getting people to focus on investing for retirement is not a game, but DASH for the Stash is a great way to engage participants who might not otherwise pay attention to this crucial part of their overall financial picture,” said Don Blandin, president and CEO of the Investor Protection Trust.

Money Smart Week is a week of free, educational events designed to help consumers better manage their money. Find events near you at www.MoneySmartWeek.org, under Iowa, or download a handy list at www.MoneySmartConference.com.