Nomination papers for the Union Community School Board are currently available from Kathy Krug, Board Secretary, at the district office located at 200 Adams Street in La Porte City.

Iowa school board elections will take place on September 10, 2013, and on that day voters will elect five members to serve on the Union Community Schools Board of Directors. Nominations forms must be filed by 5 PM on Thursday, August 1, 2013. School board candidates must obtain the signatures of at least one percent of the qualified electors of the district or 50 electors, whichever is less, though no fewer than ten.

School board members are locally elected public officials charged with accountability for student learning, setting policy, overseeing school finances, as well as other duties. School board members are elected to four year terms. with elections taking place in odd-numbered years.

Three of the five seats will be four year terms, ending in 2017.

In Director District I, which is located within the city limits of La Porte City, voters will elect one representative. That seat is currently held by James Bronner.

In Director District 2, the seat currently held by Bart Frush, includes the area surrounding La Porte City to Dysart Road to the west and south to 56th Street.

Also carrying a four year term is one of the district’s At-Large seats, currently held by Jim Barz.

The fourth and fifth seats will each be two year terms, ending in 2015, to fill vacancies due to resignations. One seat is in Director District 4, where Cathy Niebergall was appointed to fill the balance of Denny McLaughlin’s term. District 4 territory includes the area surrounding Dysart and extending north to 56th Street and west of Dysart Road. The final seat is an At-Large selection, held currently by Lisa Anton, who was appointed to fill the balance of Carie Marrah’s term.

Experienced school board members say the rewards of service lie in meeting the needs of children and communities. Serving on a school board is a challenging job that requires leadership, vision and dedication. A new video “So You Think You Want to Run for the School Board?” can be viewed online at to help with the decision making process.