James "T-Bone" Taylor (2008 photo)

James “T-Bone” Taylor (2008 photo)

The death of James “T-Bone” Taylor on March 18 came nearly 33 years after his murder of two Waterloo police officers and subsequent capture near La Porte City following a five day manhunt.

Late on the evening of July 12, 1981, Taylor was among several partygoers at a home located at 1027 Franklin Street in Waterloo. Officers Wayne Rice, 27, and Michael Hoing, 28, were dispatched to the home to respond to a complaint from neighbors about loud music. Before backup could arrive, the officers were attacked, and during the scuffle, Taylor grabbed Rice’s gun from the holster and shot him in the chest. He then fired four rounds at Hoing, hitting him three times.  Taylor fled the scene, eventually making his way to La Porte City, where he hid in a vacant home on Commercial Street, near the south edge of town. After he was discovered by Laura Fultz and Millie Christian, Taylor rolled a stolen car in the ditch and was captured, hiding in a nearby bean field.