Senator John H. Chafee (Rhode Island) sponsored a joint resolution that was introduced to Congress on April 28, 1988 designating the day of August 7, 1989 as “National Lighthouse Day.” The summary of the resolution stated, “Designates August 7, 1989, as National Lighthouse Day and calls for lighthouse grounds, where feasible, to be open to the public.” President Ronald Reagan signed the Bill into public law (No. 100-622) on November 5, 1988.

Q.  Why are lighthouses painted differently? Do these designs represent something?

A.  Lighthouses are painted different colors and designs to make them daymarks. So, if you were a Mariner out at sea during the day, you could look for the lighthouse.

Q.  If lighthouses are painted different to distinguish them during the day, how can you tell them apart in the dark?

A.  Similarly, each lighthouse also flashes a different sequence of light for the exact same reason. Cape Hatteras flashes a white light every 7.5 seconds. (The light actually rotates, but it gives the appearance of flashing from a distance.) Cape Lookout flashes a white light every 15 seconds.

Q.   Are there any more manned lighthouses in the US? Or are they all automated?

A.   There is one last “manned” lighthouse in the US, that happens to be the very first lighthouse ever built on US soil. It is that of the Boston Light on Little Brewster Island.

Q.  Which lighthouse is the brightest in the United States?

A.  Oak Island lighthouse in North Carolina. When all of its lights are lit, it produces an astonishing 14 million candlepower and can be spotted at about 24 miles out to sea.

Q.   Which lighthouse is the tallest in the United States?

A.  The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina at 193 feet.

Q.   How many lighthouses are there in the US?

A. It is estimated that there is about 680 lighthouses remaining in the US.

Q.   What is the oldest “original” lighthouse in the US?

A.  The oldest original lighthouse in the US is the Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey. It was built in 1764, and is still flashing its light today.

Q.   Which state has the most lighthouse in the U.S.?

A.    Michigan. It has over 120 lighthouses.

Q.  How many states in the United States have lighthouses?

A.   37 states contain lighthouses.