By Dean Bostian

On Saturday, January 25, the Union Large Group Speech Team traveled to Cascade, IA, for this year’s District Contest. Unlike last year, the weather cooperated and the team was able to make the contest and have a terrific day. Going in expectations were uncertain, as weather and previous commitments had taken their toll on getting practices in, but in the end the team ended the day with seven Division I’s [top honor] and five Division II’s.

“The team really pulled together today and put on an amazing group of performances,” said speech coach, Dean Bostian. “It was great to see the number of seniors who finally fulfilled the opportunity to reach the state level for the first time!” “However, we are not through, yet,” he said, “We have seven groups who could all earn Division I’s at state contest. That is our goal going into the next two weeks.”

State Large Group Contest will be at Dubuque Senior High School in Dubuque, on February 8, 2020. It is typically a long day and usually several other events are happening on the same day, which means scheduling will play a key role in knowing what time the team will leave for the day and what time they will return.

“With state, it is a roll of the dice as to what time we will leave and what time we will get home,” said Bostian. “We have left as early as 5:30 AM and have gotten back as late as 8 PM.” Let’s hope times will be good to the Union Speech Team.

The results for District Competition are as follows:

Division I Ratings – Union High School
Short Film – “You Never Know” – Madeline Bonner, Jon Bronner, Haven Ellsworth, Zian Seuser, Caitlyn Wylie, Asia Hemmer, Arianna Abrahamson, Mae Deaton, and Kaylyn Davis
Musical Theater – “Bright Star” – Riley Davis, Natalie Tecklenberg, Sunshine Gray, Noah Damro, Tyson Fleshner, and Carlie Hoppe
Musical Theater – “Nunsense” – Meagan Clapp, Laura Rempe, Cora Klein, Elle Hookham, and Kaylyn Davis
Group Mime – “Awkward First Date” – Jon Bronner and Leah Kaufman
Group Mime – “Rage Quit” – Nick North and Brandon Neipert
Readers Theater – “Cagebirds” – Emma Harris, Leah Kaufman, Dolores Cicio, Kadi Gasco, Breanna Weltzin, Belle Weber, Ellie Behrens, and Alex Hall
One Act Play – “Dark Road” – Emma Harris, Jasmine Hickok, Nick North, Tyler Barthelmes, Dolores Cicio, Ava Corpman, Margery Miller, Amy Caughron, Rebekah Dickerson, Maddy Zak, and Alex Hall

Division II Ratings – Union High School
Short Film – “Date Gone Wrong” – Gracie Hall, Hailey Bathen, Emma Hansen, Abby Bonner, Brisen Brodigan, and Alexis Nosko
Ensemble Acting – “Little Women” – Rylee Sash, Sarah Roberts, Kylea Neuendorf, Audrey Kline, Grace Johnson, and Emma Deaton
Ensemble Acting – “Flight” – Jasmine Hickok and Cybil Timm
Ensemble Acting – “Silent Treatment” – Alexa Weber, Alana Higgins, and Maddy Rathe
Group Improvisation – Gabe Hines, Kadi Gasco, Brandon Neipert, Jackson Slater, and Maddy Zak