By Pastor Mike Ashman  Zion Lutheran Church, Jubilee – rural La Porte City

Dear Friends,

This past weekend I officiated at my niece’s wedding near Appleton, WI. What a wonderful time as families gather together to celebrate. I often hear that phrase that people do not gather together as families and neighbors as they did in the past. Times have definitely changed, but our need for human contact and community has not.

A couple of years ago during the Pokémon Go insanity, I was traveling on one of my visits when I noticed a young man on a bike holding his cell phone in front of his eyes as he biked. What he did not notice was the light pole in front of him. Face first crash. Amazingly he shook it off returning to his game.

In our present time, I believe this young man can be seen as symbolic of the human predicament. We are so wrapped up within our own reality that we fail to see that vast horizon with all its diversity and beauty. God has called us as stewards of all of creation.We are called into community – one that not only needs texts and tweets, but also the gentle voices of family and friends along with holding of trembling hands.

God has called us by name. May we echo God’s love through human contact as family, friends and community.