Honey is a very sweet and talkative guinea pig looking for a new home. She enjoys being held, and does very well with being handled by different people.
She is brown and white and about a year old. Guinea pigs can be very picky eaters, and Honey is one of those. She often picks through her food and eats what she likes. According to the ASPCA, adult guinea pigs should have access to grass hay at all times. Fruit can also be offered in small amounts as treats. Honey will also need a source of Vitamin C. You can add it to her water, feed her an orange, or feed her other fruits and vegetables with Vitamin C. It’s a good idea to let guinea pigs run around in a small room or another enclosed area besides their cage to get some additional exercise. It’s also recommended for guinea pigs to see a vet once a year.
Honey’s adoption fee is $10. If you need a cage, you can adopt Honey with her current cage for $40.

For more information about adopting a pet, contact:

Cedar Bend Humane Society, 1166 W. Airline Highway • Waterloo, Iowa 319-232-6887