This holiday season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind! Get screened for colon cancer for FREE through the Black Hawk County Health Department.
To qualify you must:

  • Be between the ages of 50-64
  • Live in Black Hawk or surrounding counties
  • Have no insurance or have a high deductible/co-pay on their insurance.
  • Meet income guidelines (Household of 2 can make up to $47,790/net per year)
  • Not be experiencing symptoms of colon cancer.

To reduce your risk of colon cancer, it is important to have regular screening. If the Iowa Get Screened program is right for you, local staff will determine if participants are eligible for either a free take home stool test or a colonoscopy. For more information or to enroll in the program, people are encouraged to contact the Iowa Get Screened program at 319-292-2225.
The Iowa Get Screened services are funded by the Iowa Department of Public Health in an effort to help increase screening for colon cancer.